Alternative Treatment: Acupuncture?

The science of Acupuncture deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases. It is done by needling, moxibustion, hand and finger acupressure. For thousands of years it has been accepted by much of the world’s population for its curative effects.

This is a true story about a man in Malaysia who was declared “brain dead” for 24 days, and who was successfully brought back to life using acupuncture.

Liew Mun Hing, 37, was driving home with friends after a business meeting in Singapore. The driver of the car fell asleep at the wheel and the resulting crash left his two passengers unconscious and comatose.

They were taken to Kajang General Hospital where Liew, who was the most severely injured of the men, underwent extensive testing. Specialists tried without success to revive him. He was placed in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), on life support. The doctors could not operate on him because his brain was swollen and they feared that operating would cause him to bleed to death.

At the advice of doctors, Liew’s wife had him transferred to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. However, doctors there were also reluctant to operate, citing possible complications. In desperation, his wife brought some Chinese friends to come and pray by his bedside. After almost three weeks, Liew was declared brain dead.

Then Liew’s wife got lucky: one of her relatives heard about the situation and encouraged her to seek the help of an acupuncturist in Menara Promet, Master Leong Hong Tole, founder of The Tole Institute of Neuro Acupuncture Treatment and Herbal Medicine.

They asked Tole to travel to the General Hospital in Setapak to evaluate and treat Liew, who was then on day 24 of the coma. Using the Tole Method, Master Leong treated Liew and was able to awaken him immediately afterwards. Liew spoke to the doctor, telling him the treatment was “painful!”

After 10 days of acupuncture treatment in the hospital, Liew was able to move home. His memory was very slow to return, and he needed physical therapy to regain muscle control and recover from his other injuries. He traveled to Menara Promet for twice-daily acupuncture treatments, but after only a few weeks he had improved enough to be able to converse easily, and his family believed him to be well on the road to full recovery.

After nine months, Liew was recovered enough to return to work.

Liew was extremely lucky that his first-response treatment (following the accident) stabilized him well enough that his organs did not suffer. However, by Western standards of medicine, the pressure on his brain should have been immediately relieved.

The fact that he tested “brain dead” may or may not have been accurate; however, there can be no question that his brain was not functioning for over three weeks. The fact is, we know very little about how the brain works. It seems miraculous that acupuncture treatment was able to revive Liew. Maybe so―but until we know more, evidently there are miracles possible every day.

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